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Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations are completed in order to gain an understanding of a person's current sexual functioning, risk for engaging in future sexually abusive behavior, treatment needs, and ability to respond to treatment.


A person might be referred for a psychosexual evaluation when they are transitioning from correctional to community placement, when attorneys or the courts have questions about their sexual health treatment needs that could influence legal decision-making (e.g., pre-plea or pre-sentence), or any other circumstance where there are concerns that the person may engage in abusive sexual behavior in the future. 

Psychosexual evaluations can be completed before a person enters treatment for abusive sexual behavior in order to measure treatment progress or to determine whether or not treatment is recommended. 

Psychosexual evaluations are time-intensive and often require multiple sessions. Typical components of a psychosexual evaluation include:

  • Clinical interview, including obtaining a comprehensive sexual history

  • Interviews with collateral sources, such as family members, probation officers, outpatient providers, etc.

  • Psychological testing, which may include academic assessment, IQ testing,  personality testing, and objective assessment of sexual attitudes, behaviors, and interests

  • Risk assessment (evaluation of static and dynamic risk factors)

  • Comprehensive review of medical records, prior treatment records, etc.

  • Diagnostic impressions

  • Recommendations for treatment planning and sexual behavior management

If relevant, a psychosexual evaluation may include physiological measures, such as penile plethysmograph or tests of visual response. 

Many parts of a psychosexual evaluation can be completed via telehealth. This can be helpful to clients who have transportation difficulty or who live in more remote areas. Telehealth assessment options may not be right for everyone. Illume North offers telehealth on a case-by-case basis and has the discretion to decline offering telehealth services.

If you have been referred for a psychosexual evaluation and have additional questions about the process, please contact us.

Psychosexual evaluations should never be used to sustain or refute allegations of sexual abuse, guide law enforcement or legal intervention or determinations, or address guilt or innocence. 

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