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Our Services

Our Services

Illumé North offers correctional and outpatient treatment focused on general sexual health, age-appropriate sexual behaviors, and sexual violence prevention in children, adolescents, and adults. As mental health professionals with extensive experience working with survivors of sexual assault, individuals with sexual dysfunction, and/or people who have engaged in inappropriate or abusive sexual behavior, we know how difficult it can be to approach matters of sexual health. We aim to reduce discomfort through discretion, compassion, and confidentiality so that all of our clients feel safe in accessing services. We welcome you to continue reading below for more information on our services.

Sexual Health

We provide individual and couples therapy in a nonjudgmental space to help those struggling with a variety of issues related to sexual health. Our person-centered and affirming approach can help those in need navigate concerns centered around healthy sexual functioning. 

Whether this means exploring one’s sexual identity, healing from sexual trauma, increasing sexual intimacy among partners, or addressing pornography concerns, Illumé North has experienced therapists that are open-minded and recognize that sexual health can look different for each person. 

Sexual Abuse Treatment

We offer group and individual therapy, as well as aftercare, to individuals who have sexually harmed others through our TMSA (Treatment for Men who Sexually Abused) Program, as well as on a case-by-case individual basis. This treatment is geared toward helping individuals overcome barriers to maintaining safe sexual behavior, such as disordered sexual arousal patterns, poor self-regulation, and maladaptive thought styles. At Illumé North, treatment for sexually abusive behavior involves a team approach, in which we strongly encourage families and partners to collaborate in the process. We also have specialized programming available for adult and juvenile correctional populations. 

Illumé North adheres to the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers' (ATSA) Adult Practice Guidelines (2014) and Adolescent Practice Guidelines (2017) in providing assessment and treatment to individuals who have sexually harmed others.

Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations are completed in order to gain understanding of a person's sexual functioning, of risk for engaging in future sexually abusive behavior, and of their treatment needs. Psychosexual evaluations can be completed before a person enters treatment for abusive sexual behavior in order to measure treatment progress or to determine whether or not treatment is recommended. These evaluations are time-intensive and often require multiple sessions. The evaluation is likely to include an interview with you, interviews with people you know (such as family and treatment providers), psychological testing, and assessment of sexual violence risk.

Psychosexual evaluations should never be used to sustain or refute allegations of sexual abuse, guide law enforcement or legal intervention or determinations, or address guilt or innocence. 

Community Education

& Prevention

Illumé North is committed to prevention of sexual violence as a core value and an integral part of our vision through education, community partnerships, and demystifying sexual health. In service to this commitment, we offer education on healthy sexual boundaries for youth and adults with differing abilities, education around risky sexual internet behaviors, reunification services, and supervision training.


Supervision training is offered to family and friends of people who have restrictions around minors due to past sexual offending behaviors. This class fulfills the educational requirements by counties as it reviews roles and responsibilities of future supervisors as well as creating opportunities to better understand the needs of those who have offended. Once a person has taken this class, they will have more information to decide whether supervision is right for them. Additionally, those who complete this class will receive a certificate which they can present to the therapist and/or probation officer or agent. 

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