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enhancing awareness of

sexual health

We offer a range of sexual health services inclusive of all sexual, gender, ethnic, cultural, racial, and spiritual identities. We are dedicated to enhancing awareness of one's sexuality and acceptance of one's sexual self, overcoming barriers to sexual health, and helping survivors of sexual abuse.

We are dedicated to preventing sexual abuse through the provision of comprehensive, evidence-based psychological treatment for individuals who have sexually harmed others, as well as community education and intervention geared toward youth, adults, parents, and educators.

We are skilled in the assessment of sexual functioning, paraphilic disorders, and sexual violence risk, using the most up-to-date research to guide community safety recommendations. We have expertise in conducting psychosexual evaluations in adults and adolescents, in both inpatient and community-based settings.

Welcome to Illumé North

Illumé North is a mental health center dedicated to preventing sexual abuse, increasing awareness of sexual health, and healing the effects of sexual trauma. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, and offering services in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, our experienced team offers psychotherapy and assessment services throughout the state, with a focus on sexual  concerns and disorders as well as harmful sexual behavior. We are proud to offer sexual health treatment and assessment services to remote locations through telehealth, allowing for increased access to care and for expanded community safety.

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